Organization Ideas that will Help you Organize your Home Like a Boss

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In Need of New Organization Ideas at Home?

The day I became a mother, I said goodbye to a few things. The first to go was my sense of time. With four boys, two still in diapers, everything I do takes me forever. A trip to Target with my kids is more work than a full 8-hour shift at my old job. Amazon and eBay have become my new best friends.

Every day is also a new battle in the war against the ‘terrible twos’.  I started to feel less and less motivated around the house because I was allowing a two-year-old to get the best of me.

My two youngest children are nudist in training, refusing to wear clothes most days. Follow the trail of clothes and pull-ups to find them. The phrase “clean your room” to my 10-year-old means nothing more than shoving everything under the bed or in the closet. Being so overwhelmed already, figuring out how to organize my home felt like a migraine waiting to happen.

A plan had to be put into motion fast. If not, my husband and I may have had to live the rest of our days in a nudist colony where plastic dinosaurs roam free and a two-year-old dictator runs the show!

This list of clever organization hacks and storage ideas are sure to help in your home.

Escape the Madness with these Home Organization Ideas

 ** Before you begin removing clutter or start any organizing, there is one thing to remember. Kids = Mess. When you have children, getting rid of all clutter will likely be impossible. So, don’t get frustrated and take it one thing at a time!

  1. The best place to start is with the messes you see every day. Starting with common family areas like the kitchen or living room should come before the attic or extra closets.
  2.  Start a new house rule: for every new item, you bring home, donate or throw away another.
  3. Assign everything a designated place. The next time you need something, you can go right to it. Give every drawer and shelf a makeover by assigning a place for everything from silverware to underwear. I love getting special bins and organizers for all my drawers and cabinets to help separate things. If you do this all over your home, no one will ever have trouble finding anything or can use the excuse that they don’t know where something belongs. Extra storage space never hurts!
  4. Having worked in the restaurant industry for years, we always used the “full hands in – full hands out” method for cleaning the dining room during business hours. Basically, it means if you walk by a dirty dish on your way to the kitchen, pick it up. Don’t leave something sitting where it does not belong thinking you will get it later. By the time later gets here, there are 30+things to add to that list!
  5. Take note of where things start to pile up in your home. Kids come home from school and throw their bags down by the front door? Hang hooks in that spot for them to hang on. My boys have a bad habit of throwing dirty laundry behind the bathroom door before they shower, so I bought a small laundry hamper and put it in that spot.
  6. Establish a place for incoming and outgoing mail, mine is in the entryway. Keep bills together in a budget folder to stay organized.
  7. Create a Home Organizer binder so that you can keep your family’s appointments, records, important phone numbers and addresses and any other information you use and need often. Check out this post to get started building yours for free!— 20 Free Printables to Organize Everything in Your Home
  8. Keep items that your family uses frequently in places they are easily accessible.
  9. Use drawer dividers for socks, underwear, and other little items, so they stay separated and sorted.
  10.  Have a drawer or basket only for magazines and coupons. When you are finished with them toss them.
  11. Get rid of your junk drawer!!! Anything that you would put in a junk drawer you obviously have no use for. If you must keep it, make yourself clean it out at least once a week.
  12. If you have certain things that get used regularly, like school supplies for your child’s homework, make sure to give them a special spot so there is no more hunting for what they need every day after school.

Just a Few of my Favorite Organization Products

Things to Toss  

  • Newspapers and magazines that have been read and you have no use for
  • Old cookbooks that you don’t use. Copy the few recipes you like and toss the book
  • Makeup, lotions, nail polishes that aren’t being used
  • Any expired medications or things like sunscreen
  • Clothes you no longer wear – DONATE THEM
  • That drawer full of expired coupons
  • Any toys your kids no longer play with. We personally clean out toy boxes in our house before Christmas every year and donate the toys they have outgrown or just never use.

When you take the time to get rid of clutter and organize your home, it will most definitely aid in reducing stress and help you be more productive. I created a weekly cleaning schedule to make it easier for my family and me to stay on top of the mess! If you keep up with the weekly schedule, you should only need a deep cleaning once a month. 

Do you have any helpful tips or organization ideas you can share? Please comment below and share some of your best tips!

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